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Use our PROVEN BOT process to locate great Amazon REPLENS inventory from virtually ANY retail website!

We’ve been quietly working with top students and coaches on our team for several months on a process that is helping students find…
More REPLENS than I have funds to buy.”

Watch this Brief Overview of the
Proven Bot System for Replens

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“Our new ‘bot’ strategy for finding great inventory for Amazon sellers” on Silent Sales Machine Radio

Here's the Process:

  • Locate any “scrape-able” retail website (there are 100s of thousands or more of these)
  • Set up the BOT using the steps we’ll show you
  • Generate a product list
  • Run the list through any number of matching software tools to find winning asins
  • Find even more winning ASINs with manual research (do it yourself or pass to a VA)

What You Get:

  • Multiple Recorded Sessions
  • Interactive Live Training Sessions (recorded as well)
  • Private Facebook Group where your fellow Bot users and our team of experts help answer your questions and add clarifying details as you get your bots ramped up!
  • Access to OA Simplified
  • … More

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mac users – in order to use the software needed for Proven Bot Sourcing, you will need to install Windows 10 using Boot Camp Assistant.  You can find instructions here.


What’s a REPLEN?
You REALLY need to check out the 100s of success story interviews from the students of our course! You can hear them on our podcast at A REPLEN is an underserved listing on Amazon. Learning to find them is the key behind over 1,600 tagged success posts in our free facebook group!
What basic skills will I need?
If you don’t have the yet, get it NOW. Those basic “REPLENS” skills will be necessary for you to understand the power of this process. Go through the Amazon 101 module and then the “REPLENISHABLE” training
What other costs will I have if I use the BOT system?
Depending on personal preferences, you’ll need the following: A one time purchase tool that costs between $120 – $220. You’ll also need subscription based tools that all combined cost between approx. $50 and $160per month depending on the approach you choose.
Are these tools I’ve heard of or might already be using as an Amazon seller?
Some might be, but it’s unlikely you’ve heard of or used some of them. None of these tools are owned by us – we’ve pieced together a creative solution using third party tools and secured discounts and special offers where possible.
Who is qualified for this training?
If you have the (PAC) REPLENS training, you are best prepared for this training, although any Amazon seller can benefit from this training. Those familiar with the OAsimplified module of the PAC will have some unique skills as well which is why we are including that module as a bonus for all Proven Bot Sourcing students. 
Is this international?
Yes. These strategies work for any seller anywhere. 
Is this complex?
We don’t think so. While there are some semi-technical steps involved in setting it up, we will step you through it. 
Is there ongoing support?
Yes- there is a private Facebook group for all Proven Bot Sourcing students for open discussion and ongoing support.
Do I need anything special to run this software?
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mac users – in order to use the software needed for Proven Bot Sourcing, you will need to install Windows 10 using Boot Camp Assistant.  You can find instructions here.


“The Proven Bot Sourcing course is basically a cheat code for uncovering hidden replens. Generate your own list of potential products, not a list shared with thousands of your competitors. Whether you’re a novice or expert seller, the Proven Bot Sourcing strategy will generate more replens than you can possibly buy.” – Dan B.


“The Proven Bot course is great way to learn how to find profitable products from websites that aren’t in Tactical Arbitrage. There are lots of good, real-life examples in the course and help in the free Facebook group.”  – Jim W.

“In my business I have always enjoyed manual sourcing the most. The combination of The Proven Bot Course and Profit Seeker Pro is manual sourcing on steroids. It has increased my efficiency while still maintaining the control and creativity that manual sourcing provides.” Cassidi S.


“Proven Bot Course has allowed me to pull products from my favorite websites that I would have not found with TA. Think surgical manual sourcing. It’s a rifle not a shotgun and there is a learning curve that while not hard will weed out not so energetic competition. Joseph does not stop pushing to improve the entire system which includes a browser extension that’s still in beta which shows tons of promise.” John P.

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Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or credit – your choice!

Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help.  Contact us at: [email protected]

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